I was the eldest of six children raised in a working class family in Colorado. There was no tradition of art among my family.  I think I took pictures in my mind from when I was a child, but my first serious efforts in photography did not materialize until much, much later.

In 2002, following a life altering event, I walked away from a successful business career to fulfill a forever and a day dream; to work in the world of art.  Without haste, I enrolled at Metropolitan State University, Denver CO  to pursue my passion. In 2006, and two weeks before graduation, I faced another hurdle, I was diagnosed with brain cancer, and underwent emergency surgery. Undeterred, a week after surgery, and with the aid of family, friends and the University faculty, I proudly walked across the auditorium stage to receive my B.F.A. degree in Design Communications. While working as a freelance graphic and web designer, I became fascinated with photography. My photographic genre often journeys into the subconscious.  As far back, as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the psychological revelations that manifest, subsequent to life’s disruptions or disturbances. I rely on my photography to portray strong and powerful images with visual impact. Drawing heavily from art and photographic history,  my artwork captures visual paradoxes; sometimes they depict calm and contemplative moments, solitude, and melancholy, while other times they show a mysterious and  haunting beauty of ordinary people or objects, offering the viewer a glimpse into the lives and scenes depicted.

I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to live my dream.